The success of our clients increases our success
We optimize operational processes in transport


Our offer has been developed with our customers’ logistics needs. We work as close as possible in order to find the slightest details of your business. Having conducted an in-depth analysis, we are able to offer comprehensive and flexible solutions adjusted to the individual needs of our customers. Our highly qualified employees are experts in their fields what allow us for a rapid and more effective development of your company. We are fully committed to the idea that the success of our trade partners builds our own success.

The advantages of MTI Group

  • Do not wait any further – the maximum response time is 3 minutes, and the full report will be sent to you by email at 8:30 a.m. every morning
  • Transport manager is at your service 24 hours a day
  • We know the exact prices, we manage constantly the information, what allows us to provide the best solutions

MTI Group- your ideal business partner for logistic challenges

  • We adjust and analyse systematically our processes in order to provide effective solutions for your business
  • We discuss all the details carefully with our customers and outline the entire operational process from the scratch to ensure that it fully corresponds to the customers’ needs. Then we implement it and monitor continuously 24 hours a day.
  • We work in accordance with your requirements whilst fully respecting the tradition of business what is the key factor for successful partnership.

MTI Group - ,,Green Logistics”

  • Systematically, we analyze and adjust the routs in order to eliminate empty mileage
  • Stream supplies connecting
  • Efficient use of loading space


Our main aim is the optimisation of all the processes related to the improvement of goods transport. Know – how we have acquired over the years allows us to provide with the highest level of the services. We strongly believe that logistics is not only trucks driving but also full focus on our trade partners’ needs as well as building the effective operational process which contributes to the success of our customers. We can find a solution to every problem.

Our mission consists of 4 objectives:

we want to make life easier for our customers

we optimize the operational processes in transportation systems

we can provide the solutions which are adjusted to the individual needs of every customer

the success of our customers builds our own success

Project management

After an in-depth analysis of situations on both: domestic and foreign markets we have realized that logistic project management system leaves a lot of room for improvement. Even if only one load is not delivered on time, it may cause financial loss in both: small and large-sized businesses. Facing the challenge, we have created an innovative project management system, which makes us the effective and flexible partner, who can provide different solutions adjusted to the individual needs of our customers.

The pillars of our MTIPM system are:

Together with our customers, we define their goals, expectations and the risks. The information is included in the project fiche. Before the launch of cooperation, we devote our time which brings the results in the process of project realization.
Project planning within the defined time frame is the most important item of our programme. We take up most of our time with that programme.
Under the eye of qualified specialists we implement the project and verify if it has been properly applied.
We believe that only fully controlled management is a recipe for success of our business partners.
This is the final stage which enable to analyze the whole project.


If you entrust us with your cargo, we will provide you with the progress reports on the whole transportation process (including: estimated time of loading, location information, approximated time of delivery, actual unload time) We are totally flexible. We develop solutions that are individually tailored to each customer. We maintain the strict control over the implemented projects because we strongly believe that only absolute control can make us competitive and ensure the highest quality of our services. The team of forwarding specialists is always available on the telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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